Kahvibaari is a uniquely soulful vintage cafe and bar located in Kannus, Finland, running continuously since 1952.


Kahvibaari is a uniquely soulful vintage cafe and bar located in Kannus, Finland. This local legend and nationally renowned classic cafe and pub is one of last of it’s kind in the country. Also known as Anneli’s bar among the locals, Kahvibaari has a loyal and devoted clientele, and it’s unique atmosphere has been the subject of many newspaper and magazine articles. The pub has also featured as an authentic filming location in numerous TV projects.

In addition to a nostalgic vintage experience, we offer coffee, tea and soda. Our bar is also fully licensed


Valtakatu 21
69100 Kannus






What’s coming up (keep checking back for updated events each month!)

We are open at 02 a.m. on even nights!

  • Fri 24.5.2024 Karaoke Night, hosting by Hemuli, starting at 20 o’clock
  • Sat 1.6.2024 at the gig: Tamoth Kompett! and Electric Night – in the backyard!
  • Sat 8.6.2024 at the gig: Heroes don’t ask why – in the backyard!
  • Fri 14.6.2024 at the gig: DUKE plays jazz music from Duke Ellington – in the backyard!
  • Sat 15.6.2024 Saunasuunnistus Kannuksen keskustan alueella
  • Thu 20.6.2024 Midsummer: at the gig: Pyhäklaani and KR – in the backyard!
  • Sat 29.6.2024 Gruppo Fiat Finland meeting 
  • Sat 29.6.2024 Karaoke Night, hosting by Hemuli, starting at 20 o’clock
  • Sat 6.7.2024 Punkmusic Night! – in the backyard!
  • Sat 27.7.2024 Karaoke Night, hosting by Hemuli, starting at 20 o’clock
  • Sat 17.8.2024  at the gig: Kauko Röyhkä! – in the backyard!
  • Fri 23.8.2024 at the gig: Second Flash and Leijat and Lapsilisä
  • Fri 13.9.2024 at the gig: Timo Rautiainen and Ville Ojanen Band

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Karaoke at Kahvibaari

Karaoke Night, hosting by Hemuli, starting at 20 o'clock

Sat 27th July 2024

Kauko Röyhkä

Sat 17th August 2024


We’re always on the lookout for musicians to play at the bar – could that be you? Also, our piano, guitar and accordion are ready and waiting to be played, so pop in for a tune anytime!


Kahvibaari was founded by a local man Erkki Vihanta in 1952. Kahvibaari started out as a cafe that also served food and beer. Mind you, in those days the beer would’ve been quite different from now – cafes were only allowed to serve low-alcohol beer. 1969 saw the arrival of regular-strength beer into cafés and shops, and also brought regular beer into Kahvibaari’s selection.

In 1963, a young girl named Anneli started working at the bar. She and Erkki fell in love, got married and continued to run the bar together for decades. They lived in the upstairs apartment and worked both the bar and the burger stand outside where hungry folks gathered to buy a night-time snack on their way home from a dance. Kahvibaari was home to Anneli and Erkki’s children and grandchildren, and these days it’s a regular visiting spot for their great-grandchildren.


Back in the day, the town bus station was located next to the cafe, and passengers waiting for a bus would pop in for coffee, soda and a snack. Kids from the nearby school would gather around the pinball machine in the afternoons. For decades, Kahvibaari has provided the perfect place for karaoke nights, pool tournaments and all kinds of arts and music events.

Anneli continued looking after the cafe until retiring and handing over the business to the new owners in 2020, at the respectable age of 76. Tero Nygård and Annakreeta Salmela took over and continue to look after this piece of colorful and rich local history.


Tero is the main face behind the bar. Annakreeta owns the building and part of the business, but for now continues with her day job elsewhere. We’ve kept changes at the bar to a minimum: we aim to preserve the well-known cultural heritage of the place, while refining the selection and customer experience to match the needs of today’s customers. As a counterpower to today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we want to offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere that brings your heart rate down and invites you to pause for a moment. 

We both love all things old. We’ve decorated our home with vintage furniture, Tero works on old cars as a hobby and Annakreeta is crazy about old houses. In 2018, Annakreeta visited Kahvibaari for the first time. It was love at first sight, and thus the idea of owning the place was born. She slept on the thought and returned to the bar the next day to ask whether the bar and the building would be for sale. Anneli’s reply was: “Why not, go ahead and buy the whole thing”. In a couple of months, Annakreeta was the owner of the building, but taking over the bar was a more complicated task. It took courage, business studies, a reliable partner and a lot of thinking and planning. Annakreeta had started crafting a business plan already in 2017, but eventually worked on the plan together with Tero for another two years after buying the building. Finally in 2020 the time was right.



In addition to a nostalgic vintage experience, we serve coffee, tea and soda. Our bar is fully licensed. 

We will continue organizing the legendary Kahvibaari karaoke nights in the future as well. In our karaoke nights everyone’s a star and deserves an applause! 

Live music will be a part of Kahvibaari’s event calendar. We also have a piano, acoustic guitars and an accordion available for anyone to play.

Kahvibaari’s vibe is perfect for folk and evergreens, but no genre is overlooked. We have a PA system and enough space for a duo or a small band. If you want to come and play, throw us an email with a sample of your music!

What kind of events would you like to see at Kahvibaari? We offer the perfect atmosphere for events such as poetry readings, storytelling or sing-alongs. Looking for a venue for a class or family reunion or a party? Get in touch!


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